Nantucket Anniversary Trip

“Nantucket!  Take out your map and look at it.  See what a corner of the world it occupies; how it stands there, away off shore, more lonely than the Eddystone lighthouse.  Look at it – a mere hillock, and elbow of sand; all beach, without a background.”  Herman Melville’s Moby Dick

We recently returned from our 15 year anniversary trip to Nantucket, a small island (14 miles long by 5 miles wide) off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Nantucket has been on my bucket list for years and I was so happy to finally get to go!

Getting to Nantucket proved to be the challenge of the trip.  We flew out from Denver to Boston on Friday night, a four hour flight, and arrived in Boston at midnight.  The next day, we took a Lyft from Boston to Hyannis, another 1.5 hour trip with traffic and then waited for the ferry from Hyannis to the island.  We didn’t arrive on the island until close to 5 p.m. on Saturday.  The weather was grey and dreary while we were there but I didn’t mind since it fit my idea of quintessential New England fall weather. 🙂 

About to leave our house for our long trip!  (I already look tired!)
On the plane at DIA!
Our ferry, the Grey Lady,  from Hyannis to Nantucket!
On the ferry…finally!
On our way to Nantucket!

Upon arrival, we walked to our AirBnB.  David booked a sweet little place in downtown Nantucket.  I am so glad we did that rather than something out on the beach since we could walk to all the restaurants and shops really easily.  Our house was  It was filled with antiques and so tastefully decorated.  It also had a second bedroom and bathroom (not pictured).  Sorry, lots of house pictures to follow.  

The entrance to our AirBnB.  Note the adorable shell door knocker.
Living room.
Foyer area
Another view of the kitchen
Gifts from the host
Master bedroom
I loved these two prints in the master bedroom.
A funny winding staircase leading up to a reading nook/loft.
Master bathroom
View of the street from outside our house.

We dropped our stuff and headed straight to dinner.  We picked this place because it was described as casual and had a lot of history (1840s whaling bar with exposed brick, wooden beams, dark furniture, cozy!).  I had the chicken bahn mi sandwich; it was delicious!  

Entrance of the restaurant.
My chicken banh mi sandwich.

We then walked around town for just about an hour or so before heading home.  

Sweet little bookstore that we visited another day
Entrance to the Nantucket Bookworm
We walked down to the wharf (or is it a pier?) and watched the boats and seagulls
The Juice Bar usually has a line around the corner for their ice cream but with clouds/rain and cold, we didn’t have a problem getting in. 🙂 
I got the Crantucket:  vanilla ice cream with chocolate-covered cranberries.  We are in cranberry country, of course!
Destination-inspired mural.  Good photo-op but not at night.

The next day we took a Lyft to the Nantucket airport and rented a Jeep for the day.  The Nantucket airport was tiny but so cute.  The entire town reminded me of Jessica Fletcher and Cabot Cove. 🙂  Once we got our Jeep, our plan was to drive and explore the island.  Our first stop was Siasconset, a little beach community on the eastern part of the island.  We hoped to get good coffee and walk around the beach but it was cold and windy and most of the shops were closing for the season so it was mostly deserted.  So we stuck to just admiring views from the Jeep.

David made breakfast every morning. 🙂 Note the antique silverware!
Church in downtown Nantucket
Nantucket Airport
Our ride and my driver!
In Siasconset, or Sconset as the locals call it
 Nantucket is very bike-able but we opted to drive.

All of Sconset and the surrounding beach communities had gray shingled houses with white trim; classic Nantucket style!

After Sconset, we headed to get our beach permit and decreased the tire pressure on our Jeep so we could drive on the beach!  It was a really fun experience to drive on the sand and see some sights that are only accessible this way; we were also within a wildlife preserve so it felt very secluded.  We loved seeing a couple of lighthouses.

Cold and windy but kept the top down!
Sankaty Lighthouse
Driving next to the Atlantic Ocean
At the northernmost point of the island, the Great Point Lighthouse
In front of Great Point Lighthouse
Souvenirs for the kids

We then drove back into town and walked around the wharf, window-shopping and looking at the boats.

Notice the ducks?
I think he could be a sailor?

For dinner, we ate at the Nantucket Lobster Trap.  We had their lobster clambake.  So yummy!

The next day, the weather was the same:  grey, cold and rainy!  We headed back to some of the beach areas that we missed the day before.  We also went to the Whaling Museum in downtown Nantucket; it came highly recommended as the best sight on the island.  The $20 museum fee also gave us access to visit seven historic sites on the island, including the oldest working grain mill in the country, a Quaker meeting house, the oldest residence built in 1646 and a couple of other places.  We only had time for the museum, the old mill and the Quaker meeting house.  For lunch, we ate at a barbeque restaurant that was surprisingly good!  I wasn’t in the mood for barbeque so I opted for their clam chowdah.

Whaling Museum
Skeleton of a dead sperm whale that washed up on Nantucket in the 1990s
Whale oil from the above whale
Whaling Museum
Outside the Whaling Museum
The Old Mill
View from the top of the Whaling Museum observation deck
Clam chowder for lunch 

It rained most of the afternoon but we did still manage to walk around in the rain and admire the downtown Nantucket architecture.  

Many of the houses on the island had a widow’s walk on top of the roof; wives of sailors would watch for their husbands from the top of their roof.  
Outside a gift shop
I loved the whale tail door knocker on this home

The next day was the day we left so obviously the sun finally came out! 🙂  It was such a fun trip and I loved seeing all the green and growth for a change!  Special thanks to my hubby for making all my New England dreams come true and to my in-laws for taking care of our kids for a few days!

The sun peeked out on our last day for our 7 a.m ferry ride back to Hyannis
Gifts for the kids…because books are the best keepsakes!

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  1. Julie says:

    So glad you blogged about your trip Susy! You take beautiful pictures.


    1. Susy Britton says:

      Thanks, Julie!❤️


  2. Kim says:

    Love this!!! Great tips- I hope we can make it there some day!


    1. Susy Britton says:

      I hope so too; you’d love it!❤️


  3. Christa says:

    What sweet memories and lovely pictures you’ve captured! Just beautiful.


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