Side Dish

Summer Garden Pasta

Summer is quickly coming to an end around our house.  The weather is slightly cooler, the anticipation of school is in the air and oh yeah, I’m having a baby this week.  Nothing like adding another little one to your brood to make you realize those long leisurely summer days are over!:)  It’s a bittersweet […]

Sagaponack Corn Pudding

Summer is my favorite season to entertain.  The kids are usually healthy (usually), the weather is warm and you can grill your main entree leaving the hostess to just have to prepare a few sides.  We had some friends over last weekend and I needed a gluten-free menu.  I wanted a side dish that was […]

Panko Crusted Salmon and Warm French Lentils

It’s been a long hiatus since I last blogged about food.  To be honest, I haven’t been upright for more than 8 weeks so the thought of cooking and food in general has not been appetizing (very sad for a foodie).  My kids have watched more than their half hour allotment of television and the […]

Summer Entertaining

Ah, summer.  My favorite season.  I long for summer all year long and the season is especially glorious where I live.  You could spend most of the day outside with warm sunshine, no humidity and a cool breeze. Grilling in the summertime is pretty much a given and it is such an easy way to […]

Fathers Day Menu

It took me a couple of days to prepare this meal since my 8 week old calls the shots around our house these days but I wanted to be sure to do something special for Fathers Day. I made tequila lime chicken, cilantro lime rice (think Chipotle), black bean and corn salsa with tortilla chips […]

Roasted Sweet Potato and Carrot Puree

I have been getting a lot of yams in my organic box lately and needed to find a creative way to fix them. This is a great variation on mashed sweet potatoes and is delightfully creamy. If you are looking for a unique side dish to accompany your meatloaf and roasts, this is it! Roasted […]

Indian Cooking Class – Part 2

Here are the remainder of the recipes we prepared last weekend for our Indian cooking class. The dahl and chicken vindaloo would freeze well for another meal. Spinach Dahl Recipe Courtesy of Maya Kaimal 2 cups red split peas 5 cups water one-third 10-ounce package frozen chopped spinach, thawed and partially drained, or 4 cups […]

Indian Cooking Class – Part I

Two gals from church have been wanting me to teach them how to prepare an Indian meal. They were relentless in their persistence and yesterday we finally held our class.:) Between the three of us, it took four and half hours to prepare the meal. Indian food is delicious but certainly is time consuming! Here […]

Friday Night Supper

I hosted a few ladies from church this past Friday night for a womens ministry event. Instead of opting for having all of us meet at a restaurant, they met at my house for dinner. I made pork roast and potatoes and the other ladies brought the side dishes and dessert. This is the easiest […]