Summer Brunch Menu

Last weekend I hosted a brunch for some lovely ladies.  I’ve actually never done brunch before but wow, it’s much easier than having people over for dinner.  I always enjoy entertaining at dinner time but truth be told, it’s a lot of work.  I had people over the weekend before for an Indian meal and […]

A Food Dilemma

A couple at church had their fifth (!) baby this past week.  I volunteered to take a meal to them.  I was told they were vegetarian.  No problem, I have some vegetarian meals under my belt.  Then I found out they also don’t eat dairy.  Uh oh.  Most of my vegetarian meals involve some form […]

Summer Entertaining

Ah, summer.  My favorite season.  I long for summer all year long and the season is especially glorious where I live.  You could spend most of the day outside with warm sunshine, no humidity and a cool breeze. Grilling in the summertime is pretty much a given and it is such an easy way to […]

Kid Friendly Menu

I had a birthday party for my one year old a few weeks ago.  I needed a menu that she could partake in but at the same time would be appropriate for the adults in attendance.  I ran across both of these recipes a while back while watching Food Network (my favorite channel!) and kept […]

Easter Menu

This is such an appropriate meal for Spring!  I deterred from the usual ham since I only like ham for the first day.  I chose pork tenderloin since it was elegant and well, I already had one in the freezer!  The parsley shallot sauce is verdant and has a nice tang when accompanied with the […]

Vegetable Soup

I’ve been on a mission to include one vegetarian meal into our weekly menu.  I’ve got black beans in the crock pot simmering away currently as I blog.  If I were a little more punctual, this recipe would have been a great Meatless Monday post but I can’t seem to get it all done in […]

Game Day Grub

It’s been a long hiatus from blogging.  It doesn’t mean I haven’t fed my family or cooked since Thanksgiving.  The site has a new look (thanks to my sweet hubby!) and I hope to share some new recipes on a more frequent basis.  Now, onto the food! I was very excited about the Super Bowl […]

Fathers Day Menu

It took me a couple of days to prepare this meal since my 8 week old calls the shots around our house these days but I wanted to be sure to do something special for Fathers Day. I made tequila lime chicken, cilantro lime rice (think Chipotle), black bean and corn salsa with tortilla chips […]

Indian Cooking Class – Part I

Two gals from church have been wanting me to teach them how to prepare an Indian meal. They were relentless in their persistence and yesterday we finally held our class.:) Between the three of us, it took four and half hours to prepare the meal. Indian food is delicious but certainly is time consuming! Here […]